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MTN Head office

Employee access and permissions to offices and staff parking

Digital world

This project challenged our solution due to the vast scale of the building. Controls reached from the main entrance to the far rear car park and up to the upper floors. We were requested to create a solution that would provide time and attendance plus access controls for staff and also visitors. This required highlighting the area's groups of staff would be using, to determine which areas require what permissions and how this could be achieved so the whole property would be synced.

1) We installed a card reading access control system that was centrally managed and set-up with priority restrictions to floors, meeting rooms and offices. This system required all access points on the perimeter of the building and interior doors to be wired up to a command center in the basement of the property. The cabling was passed through the dropped ceiling in cable trays. We needed to ensure our power cables didn't cross any data cables and cause connection disturbances also 100's of meters of cabling required exact labeling to support easy recognition end-to-end. 

2) The security protocol in the reception area required visitors to sign in at the main desk before being able to enter the property. So to ensure this happened we installed turnstiles between the reception and entry corridor to the offices. These stiles were connected to an NFC sensor linked to the access control system which enabled permitted personal to use their singular card to gain access; whilst visitors were issued with tempory pass after signing in to gain entry. This registration process required nearly 1000 staff members to be photographed, fingerprinted and logged into a new database.

3) To overcome weak power supply issues boosters needed to be position at calculated intervals across the property, out of sight to prevent visual distractions.

4) The main car park was designed for workers only; the concern was that the location is very central to the city would have offered great day parking for none staff. This would create deficits of spaces. 


So to restrict general parking access a boom barrier was installed at the main entrance and backed up by a manned security box in case of emergencies. 


As staff access control cards where also photo ID cards two levels of security could be achieved at this entrance point. It has been known for staff to give friends and family their card when off from work; so the picture element enabled security guards to verify the cardholder.

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