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This project main focus was on security. The house was to be designed so that the occupant would be able to see and control multiple attributes for a modern home whilst maintaining an artistic finish.

1) To ensure the safety of data and connections we centralised the master bedroom as the end control point for CCTV. We did this to ensure that intruders couldn't hijack the system unless they had gained final access to the penthouse. The system was also built into a hidden panel to make it extra difficult for a stranger to locate.

We applied fields of motion to detect irregular movement and set up alerts to mobile devices.

2) We installed an intercom system that would allow communication from the main gate and for those people within the house. The system was connected to a remote-controlled gate system could be opened and closed by the owner. 

This gate also operated with a car sensor allowing chipped vehicles to automatically be recognised and allowed access. The main garage door was also programmed to open on a vehicle nearing the sensors.

3) As the occupant would be away from the house it was important to provide security features that would make the property appear lived in. 

To achieve this we connected lights control units to the internal wifi network enabling the owner to program the internal and garden lights to switch on and off at any time of the day. We also installed CO2 and smoke detectors that would provide mobile app updates towards the health of the property.

4) To ensure property security when the occupant was away from the home we installed a gsm alarm system with window and door sensors that once activated would alarm and on building siren and send a mobile alert to the owner's phone if the network was disrupted.

This was a challenging project as all devices selected had to work in unity without causing the occupant operational problems and connectivity issues. 

Partnered: M13 Ltd


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