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Primrose Rhombus

IoT solution for car parking management, building access and property monitoring.

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This project required multiple levels of access to be granted as the property was planned to be used for commercial offices, residential apartments, and public hospitality. This meant the building needed to be smart enough to allow access to any of the groups at specific times and designated areas. 

1) The underground parking was to be restricted to only senior office members and residents.


So we introduced license plate readers connected to boom barriers to allow access and exit to vehicles registered to the centralised system.

2) The 5 floors of offices were planned to be rented out to separate groups and businesses. So we needed a solution that could feed into a central control but could be operated and controlled by each group independently; whilst allowing guest visitors to also gain access to the public spaces at the roof terrace.


So we installed a flexible and user-friendly card activated access control system at over 20 site locations. The system was able to be controlled from both the reception area and the building's security office. 

3) We needed to make sure that the property and its users would be safe at all times whilst in the building.


So we installed 30 systematically positioned indoor and outdoor day and night high-resolution camera's, and 2 x 360-degree outdoor domes to ensure suspicious activities could be tracked at all times. The solution offered 99% entrance and exit point coverage, trigger alerts if any unusual activity occurs in selected areas and options for crowd management. 

Partnered: M13 Ltd


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